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I still can not say what, but there is something lyrical about Icleand. Some days ago I stumbled upon a website by Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson Rax with some stunning photos depicting the struggles - and joy - of life in rural areas and the vanishing lifestyles in the North Atlantic (Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands).

Born in 1958, Ragnar Axelsson is probably Iceland’s most famous photographer. He has worked as a staff photographer for the Icelandic newspaper “Morning Paper” since 1976 and have had his work published in Life, National Geographics, Time and others. Ragnar is also a recipient of the “Oskar Barnack Award” (2001) that is awarded to photographers whose “powers of observation most vividly express man’s relationship to his environment”.

Ragnar really gets to know his subjects because he lives amongst them,  he interacts with them and experiences what they experience, namely a world where the daily struggle against the elements is a constant battle to survive. I saw some of his images from the book “Faces of the North”, and I won’t attempt to try to put into words what is best expressed in the images. So, here is some images:

more photos

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