“yok Nak, yap Yak”

“Not Nak, we’ll do just Yak.” - gallery Yak Peak

Yaks are the mammals that live at the highest altitudes in the world. They can climb up as high as 6100 m, can weigh up to 550 kg and can carry up to 100 kg of load. The Sherpas of Nepal generally call the males of the species for “Yak” and the females “Nak”.  We didn’t see any real yak yet in our life, but we did see and summit Yak Peak in British Columbia yesterday together with amstaff Magnum. On our way back we decided not to climb Nak Peak because the view was exactly the same as from Yak Peak. In Tibetan mythology, yaks are represented as the messengers of the gods living in high places, so I tried to listen to the message from Yak Peak without any luck. The view is great. I would love to go back and try to rock - climb it one day because of Yak’s stunning and solid granite surface.

ps: we had the cherry war on the summit, and I won:

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