Mountain Bike in Bosnia and Herzegovina

From National Geographic: “In 2009, the Lonely Planet guidebook company prophesied that Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Eastern European country perhaps still best known for its ethnically charged war in the 1990s and for hosting the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics, had a bright future ahead of it. The country was poised to become Eastern Europe’s year-round center for adventure. Since then, skiers, hikers, and whitewater enthusiasts have indeed made their mark—and now mountain bikers are starting to do the same. The ancient highland caravan routes that linked mountain towns for centuries now make for a heavenly singletrack system for the knobby-tire set.”

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  1. Biking Adventure in Costa Rica Says:

    Wow, it looks so beautiful! Once you have conquered Bosnia, turn your head to Costa Rica, which has so many wonderful bike trails for all levels!

  2. DSD Says:

    Hello Friends,
    Hope you are very well and out on some adventures. Send me off an email so we can catch up. :)

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