I’ll try to re - write this post in English. I already wrote this one in Norwegian, and did try to post it on
with no luck so far. Yesterdays writing was about so called mud - thinking. A friend of mine thinks that all intellectual activity in our brain under stress is so called mud – thinking which leads to madness. In other words, I am becoming mad with all the information and things we need to do before our bike trip across Norway. Does it mean that I am standing in the middle of mud - thinking? 

To forget about everything at least for three hours, we went to Mt. Seymour. I was on Mt. Seymour two times last year but never to the summit. We shot some beautiful pictures last year, and I felt I was Snow White with all white around me. Anyways, after hiking for three hours, my head was clear as never before. I wrote an application to Sparebank 1 gift fund regarding Goridas project ‘cultural photopedal’. The Norwegian in me is saying: tvi - tvi, and the Bosnian is praying to Gaia: please Gaia, release me from mud - thinking. 

Magnum went crazy yesterday when he found big icicle.

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