setting out on cyberfeet

… and out onto the cyberroad.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the middle way between fixed and flexible, our wishes and our real situation. This week is all about a new look on Gorida, using our heads and our cyberfeet. We’ve changed  from Page’s template to a new and simple blue one. So, we’ve survived major obstacle with codes and CSS, and can stand on our cyberfeet again, maybe even continue walking (at least for a while).  Apropo walking, Tomas Espedal is willing to participate in our documentary ‘photopedal in Norway’. We want him to tell us more about the art of walking and how to write about it. He made his debut in 1988, and has been writing short prose and novels since. In 2006 he published the book ‘Walk’ or ‘the art of living wild and poetic life’:

“The walker has neither protection nor home, he travels without haste or fixed destination, he walks to be closer to the things he comes across on his travels. He aims to live the wild and poetic life. He follows his own routes, but also takes detours in the footsteps of the famous literary wanderers: Rousseau, Wordsworth, Holderlin and Rimbaud. He reads the poets and the philosophers in quest to teach himself the art of walking.”

corner for nomadic ear: Run by Pharaoh’s Daughter

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