where else to find GORIDA?

I’ve been trying for days to find different places on net which fit our website profile. Here are some other places where you can find us: National Geographic, TripFilms, TreakEarth, Google Earth Gallery, PhotoSight, Picasa Album, Youtube, Gamme, Arctic Femme. I got different tips for how to promote blog better and how to improve google rankings. In my opinion, the best way to improve is to write quality and valuable articles that people like to read. Anyways, I put gorida’s information on Technocrati, Eblogzilla, BlogCatalogs and AveBlogs, and I’ll work on links exchange and our adventure links in coming days. In the meantime, you can have a look at National Geographic’s top ten adventure stories of 2008. I enjoyed reading 6000 miles to Moscow.

picture of the day:

Magnum, ‘not much to do’


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