to live nomadic

To live nomadic, but not cyber - or digitalnomadic, but really nomadic as in verb to wander, or nomadic  as  Tynan and Todd are doing. They sold everything they owned, filled two small 28 L backpacks with the The Gear of Life Nomadic, and set out to explore the planet and to find adventures. Damn, I wish Gorida could do what they are doing. They’re been traveling for over a year with their little backpacks. It’s pretty crazy, and their stories inspire me even more to want to live a nomadic life. Their future posts will be available on Gadling. Anyways, I am tired of being cybernomad, and I really want to become a nomad. I know that it’s not so easy, but at least I found some great tips to start with - how to live nomadic lifestyle.

PS: Great video from Tynan and Todd showing how to pack ultralight with Deuter Futura 28.

for your nomadic ear: Corrine B. Rae : Put Your Records On

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  1. Taylor Davidson Says:

    I love how light they pack, but honestly I like to take more clothes, and I take a bit more camera gear.

    I’m actually creating a short post about all my camera gear, will post soon…

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