Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries is a documentary series produced by Diverse Bristol for BBC Two. Over three series between 2005 and 2008, groups of physically disabled adventurers embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, crossing Nicaragua, Africa and the Andes under the guidance of ex SAS Major Ken Hames. They pushed themselves to the limits of endurance as they climbed mountains, kayaked down rivers etc. Here is one episode from this series.

Now it’s time for Norwegian version of this documentary. A Norwegian adventurer and journalist Lars Monsen are going to do something similar based on Beyond Boundaries. If you want to join, go here. Each participant must master their own physical limitations, work as part of a team and relate to other people with various disabilities. The goal is to conduct the expedition by  stretching their own limits and prove that limits of human endurance are stretchable. “It’s important to see disability as an ability, not just as a disability”, as Ken Hames said:

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