Aug 26

I really like word like Squamish, Nanaimo or Chilliwack. This weekend we went to Chilliwack Lake which is located in Chilliwack Provincial Park, approximately 48 km southeast of the town of Chilliwack. Magnum was with us, so Goran and Alen tried to teach him how to swim. The only thing he has learnt this time is that water is not always too deep for walking and running through.

Aug 6

or how Frosty Mountain made me freeze?

instead of driving to Pemberton, we drove to Chilliwack. Pemberton road was namely closed for several days so Sun God Mountain became Frosty Mountain on Monday. I couldn’t stay for two days as Alen and Magnum ’cause my body was paralysed with fever on Friday and Saturday. Gorida joined Alen and Magnum at Magnning Park’s parking lot. Alen told us that Magnum the day before encountered the porcupine and ended with having a few quills in his face. but he didn’t cry. we went first to Lightning Lake and from there we started our hike. at 8 km we hit larch meadows, a beautiful area with larchs that are over 2000 years old and are said to be oldest forest in the B.C. after 11 km we were on the top. great view from the summit.



Jul 21

… today I am at work again, and I am thinking about the ridge I saw yesterday in Downton Creek - area. I am still waiting for G. to post photos from yesterday. they will not have that same color as photos that I have detached to my right retina. my left eye was closed all the time ’cause it was too much beauty for my mind. while I am waiting for photos, here is the video from Semaphore Lakes.

Magnum refused to go home. So did I.

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