Feb 7

… is on. I didn’t know so much about speed-flying until Gamme wrote a message telling us about going to Uvdal for speed - flying this weekend. I liked the sound and combination of the speed in flying and flying by speed, so I decided to find some more information about this sport. It sounded to me if speed - flying was kind of a link between skiing, paragliding and skydiving. And it is kind of air sport of the third millenium

PS: Descent of the Eiger, like in Krakauers “Eiger Dreams”.

one more gift to nomadic ear: Dezarie - Travelers

Feb 3

If I should choose one activity from my own book of dreams, I would probably choose to reach K2 from the sky. I did try tandem paragliding in Bergen once on my 30th birthday, and I just loved it.  I was actually scared how much I did love the feeling of freedom and the absence of earthly contents. I think that I’m a creature of the wind. Anyways, for just $3495 you can actually have an real adventure in the sky these days. The price includes jump training, HALO tandem jump, use of flight suit, video of adventure, digital photos and certificate of completion. You are jumping out of the plane on 30 000 feet which is 1000 feet higher than Mt. Everest. You are jumping high and opening low (HALO - high altitude low opening). In 2008 a group of individuals, the daredevils jumped and delivered high-altitude skydive over Mt. Everest, and in the June of 2009 they will be in Alaska to deliver the first-ever high-altitude skydive over Mt McKinley, the highest peak in North America. British skydiver Holly Budge paid $24 000 and became first woman ever to freefall above Mt. Everest. So, as far as I can understand you can be a part of this “skydive over Mt. McKinley” - adventure for only $25 000 and become ‘what ever first’ on Mt. McKinley. I wonder if there are still adventures one can have without money?

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