Mar 10

Gorida has not been climbing much lately, but I do spend my time walking around this beautiful city.

Oct 29
We’re still in Prague, and besides walking around the city and reading Czech litterature, we have not done many adventurous things lately. So, to get that glorious feeling of freedom, chaos and adventure back into my veins, I decided to watch all over again several of animations made by a Canadian artist named Ryan Larkin. He made namely animated short films in the 1960’s and  was a protégé of Norman McLaren known for his work for the National Film Board of Canada. With McLaren’s support, Larkin made one of the most influential animation films of all time, namely Walking (1968).  I love this adventurous animation for its lack of structure and refusal of order in life:


By 1999, Ryan was living on welfare in a mission house and panhandling for spending money. In 2004, filmmaker Chris Landreth made a short film about Mr. Larkin, titled Ryan: “A gentleman panhandler. One of the pioneers of Canadian animation. Oscar nominee. Poor beggar. An artist unable to create. Fallen angel. Arrogant. Shy. Broken. Not destroyed.” Ryan Larkin died in 2007 from lung cancer which had spread to his brain.

Dec 17

… and out onto the cyberroad.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the middle way between fixed and flexible, our wishes and our real situation. This week is all about a new look on Gorida, using our heads and our cyberfeet. We’ve changed  from Page’s template to a new and simple blue one. So, we’ve survived major obstacle with codes and CSS, and can stand on our cyberfeet again, maybe even continue walking (at least for a while).  Apropo walking, Tomas Espedal is willing to participate in our documentary ‘photopedal in Norway’. We want him to tell us more about the art of walking and how to write about it. He made his debut in 1988, and has been writing short prose and novels since. In 2006 he published the book ‘Walk’ or ‘the art of living wild and poetic life’:

“The walker has neither protection nor home, he travels without haste or fixed destination, he walks to be closer to the things he comes across on his travels. He aims to live the wild and poetic life. He follows his own routes, but also takes detours in the footsteps of the famous literary wanderers: Rousseau, Wordsworth, Holderlin and Rimbaud. He reads the poets and the philosophers in quest to teach himself the art of walking.”

corner for nomadic ear: Run by Pharaoh’s Daughter

Dec 8

I always loved Cinderella story because of the fact that she run away, but also because of the tap – tap sound that my mom made every time she read it to me while mentioning Cinderella’s shoes. When someone says freedom, I instantly reply shoes. Everything can be solved by walking. Solvitur ambulando. To think about shoes means to admire people who dare to expand their horizons. ‘Oh, my darling shoes and my beloved feet’, as Erica Jong would probably put it down. I strongly believe in my shoes and my feet because ‘my feet is my only carriage’. Don’t get me wrong, I neither have feet or shoes fetish, only an unexplainable and mysterious urge to walk ’cause walking means to be alive. My grandmother used to say that she always had two doctors that could tell her everything she wanted to know about her health condition, namely her left foot and her right foot. And her medications were strong robust shoes because, as she used to say: ‘every sickness comes from your feet’.

A few evenings ago Gorida sat and talked about things from our childhood. I mentioned my great punk – shoes made by Borovo. They don’t produce them anymore. Goran, on his side, could tell how he was convinced that he had suffered terrible emotional trauma at a young age when his mother one day came home with a new pair of ‘lovely shoes with great comfort’ (mother’s words), namely kickers - shoes. A very first look at these ‘brownish and truly ugly Kickers’ (Goran’s words), created an explosion in his head because he was thinking about tomorrow’s day and bullying at school. Looking at him today, I can see that his trauma still feels very strongly many years later :). Anyway, inspired by our chit – chatt about shoes, Gorida decided to start ::addYOURshoes:: - project from today on. The only thing you need to do is to go to our jumpcut – website or to the button “remix” in the window below this post, and add a picture of your shoes. If you do so, you will actually make one great contribution to an experiment on/ in vagabondism. To say it with NIKE’s logo: ‘Just Do it.” 

jumpcut movie:..:: add your shoes ::..